Obliquityart, the original. Founded in 2014 on top of a hilltop in South Eastern, Ohio. Inspired by a book that I was reading. Early on In my exploration of the fine arts I started to reexamine some of the things that were very much a part of what made up who I was, both at that time and likewise things meant to be. Like many artists, I had a hard time accepting the paintings and drawings I was creating. I was constantly discarding papers and drawings. Looking back now I wish I had all the paintings that got destroyed along the way. I struggled through many types of media and different mediums in search of a unique style, the one place I couldn’t look, within.

Fictive Art is borne

I have always appreciated the surreal and symbolism the arts hold. A solid structure and the power to build a way around old problems.

Watercolor Paintings

Growing up with the fondness for pastels both chalk and oil, they always seemed to be a ferrying direction at my fingertips. However watercolor painting was something that I was not comfortable maneuvering about. I was such a smeary type personality that water co.ors was not something I was interested in pursuing. In the earlier stages of experimenting with different mediums in search of some cohesion. The ability was still yet to FLOWER. I bought a cheap watercolor set but, like super waxy crayons application was a mess. I held on to those watercolor pans for a very long time in hopes of finding an application. This discouraged me from experimenting further with watercolors until nearly three years ago. A deep reminder that there are some kids around the world that would make good use of those “cheap” watercolor pans. I also have a deep appreciation for the availability of quality material in the united states.

The type of paper art

the texture of the paper tends to predetermined the way the pigment and the water lays across the paper one of the hardest things to keep the page from becoming wet and the colors blending into a grey mess.

Shifty Art

Watercolor painting bird BLUE collection
“OBLIVIOUS of the hurt”

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