About The Artist

About me, in case you didn’t know. Are all things positive? Believing in something other than yourself. All things good because we know the way. All things pure because it’s the only way and all things Holy because who doesn’t want to wake blessed.. Every time. Artist, analytical, and friend. I am also a father of a beautiful daughter, Parker.

blue owl painting pastel oil chalk

Constantly find myself seeing and a hard to road believing. I often have often found myself going back to what I know. Along the way, mistakes are expected, What I wouldn’t expect is anyone would want to stay.

The arts have replaced fear with courage and resilience. Strengthening me from the inside out. It has given me a way to see my anxiety and hear the parts of me that are still crying out for closure. The people I have met during my stay woven into my heart and the future they say.

“Wisdom” Chalk Pastel

Acrylic and watercolor painting birds holy cross

Where Fascination Begins

My entire life surrounded by birds. Both representations and very real. Scores of personal experiences have bled through fully into my artwork, something transparent. A sense of

normalcy. Although personally I do not choose a typed style, rather I choose to explore a unique brand or essentially where these cravings to create and connect both originate and proprage. I like to explore different styles of communicating within the arts; Why, sometimes they leave and where they might go.

watercolor. acrylic painting, business, take flight
“lift off”

I am fascinated with the expressionism and symbolic relationship we develop with our tools.