About The Artist

The roaring vessel known as Fictive Art came from two personal studies. Fictive-Kinship and Fictive-motion. About me, in case you didn’t know. All things positive? Believing in something other than yourself. All things good because we know the way. All things pureĀ because it’s the only way and all things holy because, who doesn’t want to feel blessed.. all the time. Artist, analytical thinker, shark, friend. I am also a father of a beautiful little girl Parker Neala.

blue owl painting pastel oil chalk

Constantly find myself seeing and a hard to road believing. I often have often found myself going back to what I know. Along the way, mistakes are expected,What I wouldn’t expect is anyone would want to stay.

The arts have replaced fear with courage and resilience. Strengthening me from the inside out. It has given me a way to see my anxiety and hear the parts of me that are still crying out for closure.

This painting was one of the first chalk pastel paintings I created. This particular owl is an angel and It is most amazing how she can get poked at and nearly burned yet still be so dainty and cute doing it. This painting resides in my pastor’s office.