Artisans` Creed

Liberating of social values by means of Artisanal means of marketing and promotion.

My most prudent adventure, starting a mindful and creative business. The arts have allowed me to look past the information of the world and expand from its wisdom to step out in this unknown world of entrepreneurship. For years now I have been mobilized to understand the full consortium the effect the creative arts has played in my own life. I am thankful that I have not had to go at it alone. Fortunately, I have held fast the things of my heart and delicately peeling back the layers of this world.

There were alot of things I did not understand while pursing education. Often times being, when, what or where these opportunities might arise. What opportunity’s exist for cultures around the world and intend to exist within me an artisan.

My designing a platform where a safe place for expression is important. A time to sit our own feelings and understanding in lieu of this gift of healing infinite. I shall be designing a vision statement but it will be replaced by An Artisans Creed that is universal in love complete and whole lacking in nothing. Not only will this be my companies Vision it will also be a accumulative example of the giant leaps in faith creativity can take us.

I look forward to sharing with you in the upcoming week my companies mission statement and artisans creed.

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