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Everything Arabic in my life expressed in paintings throughout the course of my life time. I am unsure of where these favors take place but I am forever thankful for the arts just so. I am thankful for the characters and the muse. Watercolor would be the main theme but other mediums could and are expected to be introduced along the way

Art, Construction, Signs & Wonder

Art, Construction, Signs & Wonder

Relationship to Approximate Cost

As much as I enjoy creating in the area of abstract and surreal, making art is the furthest from an abstract interaction. Often times some of the greatest artists experience some of the thoughts and visual elements creating a true medium. Arts and education at it’s core a necessary and appropriate stance, a passage, that started with a belief.

“Equally important as an artist’s memory of qualities in the world, then, is his/her capacity to gain access to them and translate them and translate them into symbolic visual form. “

Art For Life: Authentic Instruction in Art, Tom Anderson ( NewYork: McGraw-Hill )

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