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It is important for everyone to show and express love. Love is a state of being. Thankful every day for the things shown and learned every day. uniqueness and understanding. Painting and love for expression visually my love for artwork lies here.

Angels of my life. An Artist’s vehicle.

Angels of my life. An Artist’s vehicle.

Everyday I am thankful for new opportunities to create.

Many things make up my life and who I am but, the greatest by far being the gift of my two fond ladies. I’ve sat and stared wondering what I could have possibly done. Such a great deal of time has passed, possibly.. probably. I’ll be thankful when not another day relapses. Trade it for something pilthy, dynamic as it may be.

The things recieved, that can hardly be given. Good advice. A true friend.  The gift of decision. A faithful journey.

More than an Artist?

More than an Artist?

“SOPHIA” = Wisdom

You know I’m not a perfect writer, I’ve tried to express my true thoughts with my feelings always. A willingness to fight the good fight.

Sometimes I find myself thinking about what role creating and painting plays in my life. Where I would be without it and how long I could last. I found it the most genuine when we have to force ourselves to do the thing we love when it is the last thing, in particular, a person “feels” like doing. Today, tomorrow and yesterday I will continue to draw and dance across mediums in search of my love.

My biggest fan.

Here we are able to paint something that tells a story. While painting a magic elephant I was thinking of my dear friend Janet. Someone who was there for me as a child and through adulthood.

Although the elephant didn’t turn out anything as I had hoped it is beautiful none the less. These times I am thankful I took photos of the process but, I am Experiencing difficulty up-loading them I am unsure why sometimes paintings find themselves finished and sometimes they seem to just fade away.

Sharpee on paper

Whatever the reason it shows me its more about the journey much like life. The more we try to control things the muddier they get.

Pink in the pallet šŸ™‚

“When an elephant is no longer an elephant but he’s still seen standing in the room.”

Me šŸ™‚