Feeling the acrylic way

Felt this way

Art and Feeling

Who could ever know. I’ve seen the mountains jump out of the way. Recently, I’ve had to learn verbatim on the fly. For the first time who I know I am wasn’t the reason for my aptitude. Who I am did dictate my approach and my thoughts. My genuine desires and the things of my heart. These things of my heart for my daughter, my first and last true love.

Thankful + Innocence = Painting

Often times words can grow stale and Unbecoming. The biggest thing I love about artwork and being around it is the beauty in the ages. It shall never grow old. My words the few that they are shall not amount to the mountains of gold and creativity that comes with growth. I love to create paintings that makes you curious. No matter the look through the arts we shall share and see.

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