Art and Language

Art, Love or a mix thereof

A few years ago I never would have thought I would really call myself an artist. I knew what it was like to draw and maybe even dabbled in a little bit of paint, but I never would have called myself much of an artist.

  • hard time painting in acrylic
  • acrylic paint pallet

I enjoy how fast you can paint over with acrylics but, there were a lot of times I left my board wet and sprayed fairly regularly. Luckily I have stuck it out with this painting and am continuing to learn new things as it draws itself closer to an end,

I was amazed at just how many stages this particular painting went through. It was one of those experiences as an artist, that I could definitely talk about. I was always confused about which way to go. One eye looks confused while the other is blindfolded. I started out with a fairly strict outline with a black sharpie I attempted to follow through-out the painting.

Acrylic Painting in Black and White

black and white painting

In the beginning, I created out of habit. Searching for anything to ease my mind and maybe even my heart needed to be settled. Often times we just don’t see these things until it is too late or as they say, “the damage is done” often the language we speak. I am thankful for the safety and healing opportunities the arts hold.

Checking out this painting in black and white gives us an ideal look at the contrast and composition. A friend of mine told me about this method of looking at a painting in a different light. A different kinda painting.

Acrylic Blues and Flower

cross painting bird

The process…

This portion of the painting reminds me of how fluid a painting can become. Although we try to control the movement of the painting, we often allow the painting to move in and out of reality. I enjoyed painting the roses around the bird and how many dimensions it brought to the painting. I often find myself longing for control. When I have something in my mind but the canvas has something else in mind.

This awareness and giving up control is one of the hardest things for me as an artist to do. Somehow trust that the end creation will be better than when the drive started. follow me. follow me 🙂

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