Painting in the distance.

With a happy heart. Valentine’s 2020

Me and my wild child. Slowing down time. How important every moment is . I personally never enjoyed very much time by myself. In recent years it is all I crave. I would be happy with this only. Accompanying with my favorite lady, I am happy.

Lazy Layla.

The paintbrush is my sword and although the flaky broadcast is the least the paintings that follow are the most. This is the first time semi-live from the hills of southern, Ohio.

The underlying colors being barn red, greens and light blues. This painting started with the eye (like most) and somewhere around an hour In during a pallet color change, the bottom become the top.

I enjoy much, working in acrylics. Oftentimes, it takes me a couple days to get used to brand new materials and brands of paint. It wasn’t until I got these two pieces home that I was able feel it’s nearing it’s finish. I enjoyed the splash of heavy medium acrylic paint allowing me to build color on both sides when the colors Chose were as indecisive as my feelings, somedays.

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